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SWC Automotive Inc. is a full-service, preventive maintenance and car repair centre in the heart of Burlington since 2003. We repair and service cars and trucks, and are an industry-leader in alignments.

3 Step Emissions Cleaning Service

Why put clean oil into a dirty engine?

Did you know that sludges and contaminants left in the crankcase when changing oil can reduce new oil performance and protection by up to 15%. With todays stringent driving conditions it is highly recommended to flush crankcase contaminants before changing oil at least twice a year.

How Does The 3 Step Emissions Cleaning Service Work?

Step 1 – Motor Flush:
During this step, we add the Step 1 Motor Flush to the engine prior to changing the oil. The vehicle runs for 10 minutes with this cleaner in the system. The Step 1 Motor Flush is chemically engineered to remove gum, varnish, sludge and other harmful contaminates from the crankcase, PCV and upper cylinder area. This will allow the engine to perform better, improve oil circulation and free sticking rings.

Step 2 – Oil Treatment:
During this step, we add the Step 2 Oil Treatment to the engine once the oil change is complete. The Step 2 Oil Treatment is designed to provide better start-up protection and reduce crankcase acids over time due to oil breakdown. You will notice improved fuel consumption, reduced friction and wear on engine components, improved oil flow in colder temperatures and reduced oil consumption in older vehicles.

Step 3 – Fuel System Service:
During this step, we add the Step 3 Fuel System Service to your vehicle’s fuel tank. This acts as a fuel dryer and stabilizer and cleans the fuel system as you drive. We also add the Step 3 Fuel System Service directly into the combustion area to clean the combustion chamber. This will also remove harmful deposits from the intake valves, injector tips and compression rings. In the long run this will help improve fuel consumption, reduce emissions and lubricate upper cylinder area. You will also notice an improvement in the vehicles performance.

The 3 Step Emissions Cleaning Service is highly recommended twice a year or every 10,000km on all vehicles. By performing this service you will notice a change in the way your vehicle performs, lower emissions resulting in less pollutants and pro-long the life of your vehicles engine by keeping things clean.

To book a 3 Step Emissions Cleaning Service on your vehicle today, please call us at 905-637-4300 or email service@swc-auto.com

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