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SWC Automotive Inc. is a full-service, preventive maintenance and car repair centre in the heart of Burlington since 2003. We repair and service cars and trucks, and are an industry-leader in alignments.

Alignment Specialists

Why is an alignment so important on your vehicle?

Many drivers don't realize the importance of proper wheel alignment on our vehicles. Most think that the worst thing that can happen to our tires is a flat and this is very far from the truth.

The process of a wheel alignment consists of making sure the wheels are not only parallel to each other, but are perfectly perpendicular to the road.

What are the benefits to making sure your wheels are properly aligned:

Save Fuel: a properly aligned vehicle has much less resistance to the road surfaces, which will result in a smooth ride and savings at the gas stations.

Increase the life of your tires:As resistance to the road increases in a vehicle with incorrect alignment specs, this also increases the wear of the rubber on your tires. Incorrect alignment will cause uneven tire wear decreasing the life of the tire greatly. Also, most tire manufacturers will not cover the tire for premature wear due to bad alignment as this is not a tire defect.

Safety:If you notice your vehicle pulling to the left or the right, this means the wheel alignment is off specification. It can be hard enough to drive a vehicle like this during the summer months, however in the winter when it is wet and snowy out, this creates unnecessary and preventable safety concerns.

Unnecessary strain on your vehicle:A proper alignment can help to prolong the life of other components of your vehicle. A vehicle that pulls to the left or the right can cause problems with the suspension system and brake system. By having your alignment checked and correctly adjusted, you could be increasing the life of your suspension components and brake components.

There are many signs that you should get your alignment checked and performed. As a general rule we recommend an alignment check every 6 months or 10,000km, or every time you rotate your tires. However if you notice signs of bad alignment such as vehicle pulling to the side or if you notice one of your tires wearing faster then the others. Or if you have just replaced your tires, it is highly recommend to have an alignment check to help increase the life of your new tires.

At SWC Automotive Inc. we pride ourselves in having one of the most advanced alignment systems on the market today. We have become the true specialists in the Burlington, Hamilton and GTA Area offering alignment services at competitive prices for all makes and models of vehicles. Our technicians can properly align anything from your sports car to your big lifted pick-up truck. We are also one of the few shops in the area that can correctly align a vehicle after it has been lowered or lifted. Our machine allows us to work on vehicles with a large range of rim sizes, from 13" to 24" with no limitation on tire diameter, so no matter what type of vehicle or suspension set up you have, we have a solution for you.

Our machine is equipt with patented imaging technology that provides accurate and real-time measurements. High resolution cameras produce live alignment readings and diagnostic data. We are also able to use features such as Cross-Diagonal measurements and Rolling Radius measurements to identify frame or structural damage as well as mismatched tire sizes.

When you are at SWC Automotive and having your tires installed, don't forget to ask us about our alignment specials. We offer free alignment checks with the purchase and installation of a set of 4 new tires. Or if you are not having tires installed but just want that extra peace of mind, our low cost alignment checks will allow you to understand how your vehicle is driving down the roads. All alignment checks include a Full Color print out of the alignment measurements of your vehicle.

To book an alignment on your vehicle today, please call us at 905-637-4300 or email service@swc-auto.com

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