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SWC Automotive Inc. is a full-service, preventive maintenance and car repair centre in the heart of Burlington since 2003. We repair and service cars and trucks, and are an industry-leader in alignments.

Winter Tires

Winter tires are designed to provide better handling for your vehicle in bad winter conditions such as snow, ice, freezing rain and slush. Winter tires have specialized tread designs which provide shorter stopping distances and better traction. You may also want to consider the types of roads your drive on. If some of your routes involve any hills or sharp corners, you will want all the traction you can get during winter months. Winter tires will assist you during these bad weather conditions.

When purchasing winter tires for your vehicle, you should also consider purchasing winter wheels. Either steel wheels or specialty aluminum wheels designed to withstand the harsh weather of this season. Not only does it protect your vehicles factory wheels but it reduces wear and tear on the tires themselves from continuous dismounting and remounting. When considering winter wheels, it is recommended to look into an Alloy over a steel wheel. Alloy is a much lighter material then steel which will help to improve your vehicles acceleration, braking and handling. They are also treated with corrosion resistant materials to protect them from the salt, ice and snow.

Another reason to consider wheels with your winter tires is the ongoing cost of changing them from one season to the next. The average winter wheel costs $85 - $100 per wheel. Although this cost may seem high up front, the average cost of a tire changeover with balance is $15-20 per tire. Don't forget you pay this in the winter as well as the spring when it is time for your all season tires to go back on after winter. Those costs can add up quickly, and over a short period of time the winter wheels will pay themselves off.

Regardless of your choice of wheels, whether you choose to have a set of winter tires & wheels or to have your tires mounted seasonally on the same wheels, we highly recommend an alignment check anytime your tires are changed. The slightest misalignment of your vehicles suspension system can cause irregular tire wear and drastically reduce the life of your tires.

It is also very important to regularly check the pressure in your tires. Too much or too little air pressure in one or more of your vehicle tires can cause irregular wear patterns and reduce handling. Your vehicle may also pull to the left or the right which can be dangerous regardless of the season.

Winter Tire Tips

*In 2008, Quebec became the first province in Canada to make winter tires mandatory and since, they are legally required during winter.

*Winter tires are not designed to be used year round. There is a simple way of knowing when to change your tires. When the cold temperatures drop below 7 degrees Celsius, it is time for winter tires.

*It is highly recommended to have a set of 4 tires on your vehicle during these bad weather times. While installing winter tires on the drive axle alone will assist you better then all season tires, a matching pair on the remaining axle completing the set will provide maximum traction and handling.

*Ensure during your winter driving times this year, do not fall for the false sense of security provided by four wheel drive or ABS Brakes. While these systems do provide some kind of assistance during winter driving they do not increase traction between your wheels and the road. This is where winter tires come in and fill that void.

*Once your winter tires reach a minimum tread depth of 4/32nds, it is recommended to replace them for the next winter season. Winter tires are specifically designed with additional special grooves, and when the tire gets down this low it reduces the traction the tires provide.

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It is never too early to start shopping for winter tires and wheels. Many motorists leave this to the last minute when the first big storm hits, and this could result in a lack of stock with local suppliers. Make the smart choice and contact us today for your quote on winter tires, wheels and alignment check.

To get a quote on winter tires & wheels on your vehicle today, please call us at 905-637-4300 or email service@swc-auto.com

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